Sour Grapes and Humble Pie

Students will gather in protests across New Zealand on Friday.

source George Heard/Stuff-


Today I drove to work and it was quiet… strangely quiet on the usually busy roads.

The kids told me its probably because of the strike.

“oh yeah? What do you know about the strike?”

Miss12 “ well I don’t need the day off school, but its because the ice caps are melting, and that would put 80% of the planet under water. Aaaaannnnd we are cutting down all the trees, and its really bad for pollution”


So naturally we are quite proud of her for that! It led to a good conversation, one that the radio dude chimed in on “ but these kids will jump on anything to get a day off”.


Look, kids talk a lot of shit. My kids are so behind the times, they still talk about the floss, Pokemon and the little one even still dabs- its ridiculous. But they are not idiots! Stop treating the kids like they don’t have a clue. Open your eyes and see that online there are a ton of kids who are smart, intelligent and incredibly angry at the hand they have been dealt. While we are busy arguing over why millennials waste all their time online, are way over entitled and lazy… baby boomers ruined the economy, and are old crust dinosaurs who don’t understand us… between avocados, participation trophies and an angry orange man we are not even noticing the intelligence, concern and pain coming from our youngest.


Today, the kids are standing up because if they don’t fight today- they wont have the opportunity tomorrow. The dystopian world of smog and robots we imagined in our fantasy films- here is looking at you blade runner fans- is such a vivid reality for them its insane.


The damage we did in the last 100years is going to pale in comparison to the damage we are doing in the next 10 years. Exponential growth is a bitch when she’s not on your side. The kids today might actually not get a chance to reverse this climate change thing, by the time they are adults. So they fight today. Support them! have conversations with them, let them talk, LISTEN!


Everyone is using their recycling bin, and reusable shopping bags- while we drive in our cars, to Macca’s , ordering our online shopping that arrives in enough plastic to kill off at least 15 baby turtles… it doesn’t make sense. They are watching. We show the kids how little we care about their future, their children’s future…. We all pretend to care, and then go back to our old habits. And they see this stuff, and they are mad.


Today, I had a good chat with my kids. I was proud.

As this is supposedly a food blog, I thought I would write my recipe on humble pie:

1.5 cups of standing still for a minute

1cup of shut the f*** up and listen

¼ tsp of understanding

1 tsp of respect for someone smaller than you

5tblsp of dropping your pretences

¼ tsp of acknowledging your privilege and comfort

And an ounce of love.


Mix it all up with your emotions, when you realise what a twat you have been.

Stir those feelings all up and hug your kids.

Bake it for 20minutes- I recommend a lounge dance party


Now go make a cup of tea, sit with your kids and give them a space to talk. All the people mad at kids getting a day off to protest- shut up! Go hug one of them and have a conversation. Maybe just maybe they are fighting for their life today. The life you got to enjoy already. With clean air, oceans to swim in and gardens to watch your kids play in.



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